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Madeco is a family owned company dedicated to providing the highest quality wood for retail and commercial sales, including developers and contractors. Our key business lies in our best-in-class customer service and the highest quality products in the market. Our customer experience is one of excellence, speediness, and courtesy, providing vast knowledge on our products acquired throughout more than 25 years of market experience.

Madeco, now called Los Portales de Madeco, started its operations in 1984 in a humble location in Escarlata St., Cupey, and Aguamarina St., Caguas. In 1987, a new strategic aliance was formed between the adept and tenacious engineer Ruben Valdes and technological expert economist Cid Erwing Lang, giving way to a new specialized Madeco and two new larger facilities in Sector Villa Blanca, Caguas, and, in 1989, in Sector Industrial El Cinco, Cupey, were the main operations run to this day.Both Valdes and Lang firmly believed in the importance of providing clients with high-end products that provide beauty as much as quality, which led them to provide a vast variety of models to match any of the client’s preferences and likes. Now, Madeco provides a vast selection of french, stained glass, lambril, panel, solid, semi-solid, closet, flush, and modern style doors made with the highest quality wood by the best manufacturers in the world. Madeco also counts on a large variety of Locks, Hardware, Tools, Woodworks, Closets, Terraces, and much more. All this at a fair price and along award winning customer service.

Not only are we the largest importer of wood from Brazil, Panama, United States, Bolivia, Spain, Taiwan, China, and others in Puerto Rico, we are proud to supply Eco-Friendly wood approved by the newly amended Lacey Act. Although we import from all over the world, our main supplier is Brazil. Associated with the factory Goede Lang, located in Santa Catalina, Brazil, we at Madeco can ensure a steady supply of inventory and quick turnaround on custom orders.

Goede Lang & Co. Ltd main operations are located in Pomerode, SC, a small city founded 150 years ago by German immigrants that created a legcy in lumber and joinery works. In 1980 they started exporting and have been growing their overseas sales year by year. Main shipments are made to the Caribbean and European countries. Main products are doors, mouldings and dressed lumber.

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