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Chess Model Door (1-3/4″ thickness) 2

Chess Model Door (1-3/4″ thickness)



Product Description

The Chess Model Door is the favorite of most of our visitors and employees. It is extremely unique and 100% hand made. As our most unique door, whether you have only seen this door in person once or a thousand times, you will remember it for ever. (See picture) The door has a great amount of small squares installed in different depths and areas. This door has a thickness of 1-3/4″. Remember, doors with 1-3/4″ thickness need a frame for 1-3/4″ doors / windows. Doors with a 1-3/4″ thickness use 4″ x 4″ hinges. These doors may be cut up to 1″ on the top and/or bottom and up to 1″ on each side (Left and Right).

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30″, 36″


80″, 84″, 96″




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