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Diamond Model Lambril Door (1-3/4″ Thickness) 2

Diamond Model Lambril Door (1-3/4″ Thickness)



Product Description

Our Lambril Doors are amazing as Façade Entrance, Garage Entrance, or Patio Entrance doors. Not only do they give a great unique and luxurious look, they are very economical. Their great economy also makes these doors great for any other area of your home or office, such as hallway separations from the living areas or master bedroom doors. Lambril Doors have a structure very similar to our Flush Solid doors; however, instead of a wood veneer, its faces are covered with tg joint lambril, which is about 1/2″ thick, giving it great durability and protection. Each Lambril Door Model is very unique. There is a model for every taste and every type of terrain: beach, mountain, desert, or even city. These doors have a thickness of 1-3/4″. Remember, doors with 1-3/4″ thickness need a frame for 1-3/4″ doors / windows. See the picture for the Diamond Model design. ELEGANCE! Doors with a 1-3/4″ thickness use 4″ x 4″ hinges. Lambril doors may be cut up to 1″ on the top, 3/8″ on the bottom and up to 3/8″ on each side (Left and Right).

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80″, 84″, 96″


30″, 32″, 36″


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