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Zocalo de 3" - 3" Base Board

LF 3″ Zocalo [3/8″ X 2-3/4″] Australis

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Product Description

LF = LINEAR FEET. 3″ Zocalos exact measurement is 3/8″thick x 2-3/4″width. Zocalos are sold by linear feet. According to the lengths we have in stock the invoice will be changed as we only sell entire moldings and not small pieces. *For example: if you try to purchase 4 linear feet, and we only have 8 feet long pieces, your invoice will be adjusted with an increase of 4 linear feet. We will always call you and notify you of such changes, and if you do not agree with the change, we will cancel your purchase request.* Zocalos are one of our best selling item and they are typically used in the corners between the floor and wall. It can give any home or room a much more luxurious look and also increase the value or the property. Zocalos are commonly called Base Boards.

1 review for LF 3″ Zocalo [3/8″ X 2-3/4″] Australis

  1. 5 out of 5


    Made my house seem much more elaborate and detailed.

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